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Rutherford Black Sole Super Flexi Hard Shoes

Rutherford Super Flexi Jig Shoe with black suede sole, complete with HyTech Heels and the latest "sound-blaster" Sand Glass Tips. The Rutherford Super Flexi black suede sole needs virtually no break-in period because of its flexible nature. This makes getting up on high toes much easier! Very soft uppers and are nearly blister-proof! They have wide heels making heel clicks easier and very thick tips with a squared-off toe. The most popular hard shoes in the World, worn by numerous champions.

Key Benefits:

• Most Flexible Jig Shoe Sole on the Market
• Excellent for Toe Walking
• Extremely Easy to Break In
• Available in 3 widths - medium, wide, narrow

 Irish Hard Shoes

$235 (Canadian dollars - taxes extra)

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